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for children
The Wader brand has thirty years old tradition
and experience in creating interesting
and developing toys.

Slide which are durable and reliable Our products are famous for their solidity. They are light and at the same time very durable.
We are proud that our toys are made in Poland, have attestations and certificates guaranteeing that we deliver the highest quality products.

Slide 2007 - Wader-Woźniak becomes the winner of the Business Gazelle award for the first time. The company receives this title six times. Slide Good Brand 2018 Slide Toy of the Year 2017 – Children’s Award Slide Child Friendly World Main Prize Slide Toy of the Year 2019 Distinction for the Edu Baby collection Slide Gold Medal of the Poznan Fair Slide 1995 The "Good Design" mark awarded by the Institute of Industrial Design for 11 toys (another prize in 2000). Slide 2011 year Award in the competition "Child friendly world" awarded by the Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights

Slide win prizes
and awards
We believe that the best form of learning is fun, and toys provide
unlimited opportunities for development and education of children.
Our mission is to provide children with high-quality, safe toys
that develop creativity, shape the ability to think logically
and encourage children to play games.

Slide they make children
and above all ... PRODUCTS


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