New sensory games from Wader awarded!

Shortly after the premiere, our new sensory games from the Play & Fun line won the hearts of not only children, but also parents and adults – winning the prestigious Toy of the Year award by Zabawkowicz.pl

Magdalena Kordaszewska, the editor-in-chief of Zabawkowicz.pl and Wyborrodzicow.pl, recommends our games as creative and developing entertainment for the whole family. By emphasizing the innovative form of games, consisting of bags containing sensory elements, as well as cards or boards with illustrations, she emphasizes the multifunctional role of games for development through fun.

What is the phenomenon of sensory games and their advantage over ordinary toys?

The senses involved during the game keep the child focused, but at the same time it is not just a kind of learning for them. Usually, during this time, the child can calm down and relax, while their imagination is intensively developed and time spent with family or peers turns out to generate happy memories.

Be sure to join the ranks of satisfied players – and bet on one of the three sensory games Wader today – Master of Constructor, Shape Seeker or Tangram Pop Art. Once you complete them all, you will provide your child with many hours of engaging fun.