Discover engaging, educational 3D games for the whole family

Encouraging young children to develop manual or analytical skills is not always easy. However, board games come in handy, as they are able to persuade younger children to learn through play. At the same time, it is entertainment appreciated also by older players who accompany their kids and thus spend their free time with them. That is why the Wader-Woźniak company – which remains the leading manufacturer of toys in Poland – has created educational and developmental games in 3D version.

Learning through entertainment

Mobilizing a child to play together with the use of games has a positive impact on his further development. First of all, it helps in shaping his analytical skills – our child notices the effects of the moves made in the game and can assess whether they are beneficial for her or maybe just the opposite. In addition, an interesting form of this entertainment has a great influence on concentration and helps in developing skills related to basic mathematical tasks.

5 reasons to choose a 3D development game

When deciding to buy a development game in the 3D version, we can be sure that it is not just entertainment for one evening. First of all, we should pay attention to the long-term benefits that come from spending time together regularly. Why is it worth choosing the 3D variant from the Wader brand?

  • The game has three-dimensional elements that serve us not only during the game itself, but can also be used in other games.
  • The proposed scenarios are extremely interesting not only for children, but also for older participants of the entertainment.
  • The quality of products offered by the Wader brand is at the highest level. 3D elements are made of safe material, and they do not have sharp edges.
  • The elements available in the set have a positive effect on the child’s motor coordination.
  • The game also strengthens family relationships and is a source of joy for the child. It is mainly related to the possibility of spending free time together.

The concentration-building game Runaway Pets

In this game, the participant turns into a breeder of animals living in the yard. The main task is to bring the unruly charges home – during our absence, they got lost in the nearby fields. While playing, children develop their manual skills: they move animal figures and place them in the locomotive. They also learn to predict the movements of other players (there can be a maximum of 3 of them). It is a perfect game for kids who love animals from an early age!

Agility-building game Hurry up, Courier!

Here is a version of the 3D game that will appeal not only to boys – in this fun scenario you help the couriers of the WADER EXPRESS company deliver parcels to the recipients waiting for them. Unfortunately – on the way to victory there are various obstacles that need to be cleverly avoided. Such entertainment is intended for two people.

Chicken Delivery game that strengthens the relationship

The next version of the 3D game will also appeal to every child who loves animals. Using the available trucks, we have to safely transport the animals to the pen – thus, we will avoid meeting the fox. The game develops the ability to predict, the ability to compete in a healthy way, and it triggers joy and positive emotions related to the race to victory