New licenses for Wader products

The Wader-Woźniak company has in its offer many toys that contain characters from children’s favorite cartoons. This year, new, popular among children licenses will appear on products with the yellow-blue Wader logo – Wader-Woźniak began cooperation with Nickelodeon Poland.
Fans of the Paw Patrol series will be glad that the heroes of the popular series will soon accompany them while playing on the beaches and in the sandboxes. The friendly and heroic dogs together with the boy Ryder are everywhere where help is needed and threats must be faced. It’s a good example for children and an example of heroes shaping positive attitudes and behaviors.
This is not the end of good news. Have you ever heard the names Penny, Rod, Swift and Brody? If you know and like cadets from the Top Wing series, you’ll be pleased to know that their likenesses will also be on Wader summer products. Top Wing is an adventure series for children about the adventures of young bird rescuers trained at the Bird Academy. And how about some magic? If you smile at the funny adventures of the two sisters Shimmer and Shine, you will smile at their sight in the toy store.
We also have something for fans of the Blaze series – AJ and the red monster truck Blaze join the summer team of Wader!